In My Opinion : Komodo National Park as New7Wonders

Dear readers, good night πŸ˜€

Tonight, I wanna share about a thing that’s been “walking” on my mind from 2 days ago.

You know, I’m Indonesian, and the most hectic things here except to host the SEA Games 2011 is the vote for Komodo National Park as the New 7 Wonders of Nature. Indonesian people getting crazy to send some messages and pay for 1,- rupiah/sms to vote the KNP as the winner. The campaign’s so attractive because our ex Vice President and so many big actors are involved.

But, some statements and evidences showed up against the campaign. I’m curious about the situation and search for the information.

And then I remembered that New7Wonders was selected few years ago. And then I got Wikipedia and read the explanation about 7 wonders and the fact is New7wonders was selected in 2007. So, what’s the meaning of KNP nominated as the candidate for New7Wonders??

I read it again and I found that KNP was nominated as New7Wonders of Nature. Not the main “award” -__-

And I tried to open the website for the official, it’s just shown as a BLANK PAGE!! what the hell??

And then some statements of General Ambassador of Indonesia in Swiss told us that New7Wonders is an institution that’s not trusted. The office address was fake address and most journalists there didn’t know about that institution.

This is not about I’m not nationalist or don’t love Indonesia. And this is not about I don’t like to promote KNP as a visiting place. But I just don’t wanna let another fucking corrupt people to take advantages here. I’m definitely sure KNP will be a money machine for them. There’s no need to win KNP as New7Wonders because UNESCO decided to make KNP as World Heritage Center and there’s so many people outside the country who knows this place.


I’m Sick of Jogja’s Traffic Jam

I’ve been living in Jogja since I was born ’till now I’m 21 years old. I really feel the differences between my childhood environment and now. The annoying things are the TRAFFIC and the driver.

Jogja has so many universities that makes so many people from other provinces or other lands come and study here. It’s not I don’t like the people come here and study here, but I just don’t like their behaviour on the road. Original people from Jogja love to go outside by motorcycle, so you can meet so many motorcycles here.Β  Just so you know, Yogyakarta isn’t big city and DIY isn’t large province. You can go from north to southside within 3 hours, so you don’t need to drive by car. And Yogyakarta city, you can go from a city limit to other city limits within an hour. The people from other provinces came here, they bought motorcycle or car here to drive with. They keep driving with the usual habit from their origin. We, Jogja’s people, don’t like to sound the horn if the other driver doesn’t make a bad attitude on the road. But the newcomers like to sound the horn when the timer of red signal from traffic light almost 0, it means that the timer showing number 1 or 2, that’s so noisy and unmannered. The other thing is the driver who doesn’t like to give way to other driver to cross the road. I’m so sick of this.

And the most annoying thing is the people who drive a car ALONE. When I asked them, they said it’s because Jogja’s so hot. But, they never think that the high temperature’s because of their cars.

This is a picture that proven Jogja’s traffic now

Pic Source : Emahatmanto

Places I Wanna Go ; Part 2

Maybe I’m in such a rush πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

But I wanna share a place which has a beautiful scenery. Though that’s not a mountain covered by snow, hehehe.

This is Dieng Plateau, Central Java, Indonesia. This place has some beautiful site to visit such as Telaga Warna, Temple, Sikidang Crater, etc.

When do I can go there??

Take a look at some pics below

Telaga Warna, Dieng Plateau, Central Java

Boiling Mud, Dieng Plateau, Central Java

Source : Christophe Van Hulle

Places I Wanna Go ; Part 1

Glacier, Sonmarg — Kashmir, India

I looked at this picture and I’ve thought that is wonderful. Since Indonesia is tropical country, it’s a rare scenery. If you wanna see a top mountain which is covered by snow, you have to fly far far faaar away to Papua 😦

Take a look at this picture

A top of mountain which is covered by snow

Can I go there? I really want to 😦

Source : Divs Sejpal