TV Movies Review : House MD

Hello, I’m back!!

And now I’m addicted to House MD. That’s not a new thing, because I already watched House MD since its 1st Season, but it’s pending because I’m busy about my study, so I missed 4th season till now.

Then I downloaded from 1st season and re-watch it πŸ˜€ You know? I still love Dr. Robert Chase and his relationship with Dr. Allison Cameron. I didn’t know that in the end of 5th season, they’re married, but in the 7th season, they’re divorced 😦 That’s why I don’t wanna watch 7th season and so on.

But, the House’ quote is interesting. “Everybody Lies”.Yeah, that’ the truth about his patients. Me, as a patient, sometimes didn’t mention about causal of my pain. Maybe something embarrassing or disgusting to be told to the doctor in front of our parents. But that’s really important to be known by the doctor.

In the House MD, sometimes the doctors need to “visit” the patient’s house to discover something strange that maybe can be the causal of their sickness. Hahaha, like a detective, and that’s interesting you know. I feel like the doctor is totally doing his/her job, not just want the high payment from the patient. You know, lately, so many doctors just have a title of doctor, but they don’t have dedication. They can do malpractice and gambling with the patient’s life because they just have title, not dedication.

House MD's cast


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