Music Review : Whitney Houston’s “I Have Nothing” Cover by JYJ

Honestly, I’ve watched JYJ’s Thanksgiving in Tokyo Dome a year ago. But I just focused on Itsudatte Kimi Ni and “W” because the lyrics were touched me. So, I made a mistake with skipped other songs 😦

Then I found “I Have Nothing” at the end of 1st part of the concert. Firstly, I thought it was JYJ’s new song, but it sounds familiar. Then I searched and downloaded it on internet, that song was Whitney Houston’s.

I know, JYJ has sang it with a few notes below the original song because they are men so they have different vocal register with women. But when I listened to them singing…


That performance is thrilling, chilling, and really really GREAT!! Till I shed a tears. Honestly, I’m Jaejoong fan…but objectively, Jaejoong in particular sounded fantastic. He sang it with full of emotion and passionately, so did Junsu and Yuchun. As men, they hit the high notes perfectly πŸ˜€


And thanks to Mr. Sam (the total stage producer) and the bands. They have made a great stage, lighting, camera setting, a great music arrangement, and instruments which supported the performance.

You can see their performance here, check this video πŸ˜€

Video Credit : msjijijeje @Youtube


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