Places I Wanna Go ; Part 3

Hello readers,

I’m back again with old topic : Places I Wanna Go. Yeah, that’s a review about a place that I wanted to see.

And now, I’m talking about Batu City.

Batu is a region in East Java, on highland and has so many beautiful places to be visited. I once lived in Batu because I worked there for a month. Then I visited Selecta, BNS (Batu Night Spectacular), and Jawa Timur Park 1. I wanna visit Songgoriti (a hot spring pool) but I don’t have enough time 😦

Why do I wanna go there?

I’m an agricultural student in an university in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. I really really love nature (but I don’t brave enough to join nature lovers organization at my college). At Batu, I found so many beautiful scenery. Next to Selecta, there is a cultivation area which has a good landscape, so that if you look it from Selecta, it looks beautiful. Then if you wanna go to Songgoriti, you can see a beautiful hill behind the spring pool and you can find a traditional market which is selling apples with low prices.

Batu has been developed to be a tourist city. You can find some water parks, night market, vehicle parks, and nature tourism spots.

You can check images below πŸ˜€

FLower Garden, Selecta

Hot Water Spring Pool

Let’s visit Batu πŸ˜€

Image Credits:

racheldmare, minakjinggotravel @wordpress and as tagged.


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