Music Review : KPop Idols and Their Delusional Fans

Hello readers,

welcome to my blog, again ๐Ÿ˜€
Now, I’m going to write about Kpop and their fans. Why? Because Kpop is booming around the world, right now.

Firstly,I tell you, this is just my opinion, so, if you’re not agree with it, that’s your own problem ๐Ÿ˜€

What’sย  the reason why I write this review?

Based on my analysis, so many illogical fans have been appeared and made a bad situation.

They have been worshiping their idols like a God. In a case, Jessica’s (Girls Generation) graffiti has ruined by unknown people in Australia. I got this news from Allkpop and I read the comments below that article. So many Girls Generation’s fans bashed and cursed the destroyer. They thought it caused by anti-fans and started blaming other fandom (It is a term forย  fans of a certain idol). Well, hellooo…What’s the big deal? That’s just a graffiti. That’s a normal thing that a graffiti changed regularly. In my country, a graffiti doesn’t last for less than a month, and that’s very normal. That’s not a bible or Qur-an or a statue of Jesus which will make a big controversy if there’s a person who dare to ruin it. Why do they have to overreact like that?? Continue reading