Music Review : KPop Idols and Their Delusional Fans

Hello readers,

welcome to my blog, again 😀
Now, I’m going to write about Kpop and their fans. Why? Because Kpop is booming around the world, right now.

Firstly,I tell you, this is just my opinion, so, if you’re not agree with it, that’s your own problem 😀

What’s  the reason why I write this review?

Based on my analysis, so many illogical fans have been appeared and made a bad situation.

They have been worshiping their idols like a God. In a case, Jessica’s (Girls Generation) graffiti has ruined by unknown people in Australia. I got this news from Allkpop and I read the comments below that article. So many Girls Generation’s fans bashed and cursed the destroyer. They thought it caused by anti-fans and started blaming other fandom (It is a term for  fans of a certain idol). Well, hellooo…What’s the big deal? That’s just a graffiti. That’s a normal thing that a graffiti changed regularly. In my country, a graffiti doesn’t last for less than a month, and that’s very normal. That’s not a bible or Qur-an or a statue of Jesus which will make a big controversy if there’s a person who dare to ruin it. Why do they have to overreact like that??

Second case, I got this from Allkpop too. This is about a new boyband (Block B) who made a controversy about Thai’s Flood. They mocking another country and then they got punishment with restricted from some famous TV channels. Then their fans have gone mad and started to curse those TV stations. They said “They has apologized and why can’t you let it go?” and so on. They blamed Nichkhun (2PM member and a Thai’s) who tweeted about his disappointment towards Block B and then a fanwar between Hottest (2PM fans) and BBC (Block B fans) emerges. Block-B made a mistake, and it’s normal that a mistake must be payed by a punishment. I think, a restricted from some TV channels doesn’t worth it. They mocked another country (especially Thailand, their teenagers are Korean fans) and it might cause Thai people lost their respects toward Korean. It might stir a big problem.

Third case, Kpop idols don’t allowed to date someone openly. Because it might cause their fans leave them. What a big nonsense.

I think, the new Kpop idols have to  learn to make a good attitude in front of media or fans.

And the fans, they have to be wise and don’t be so excessive about their idols. Idols are human too. They made mistake, they need a privacy, and they need to make a relationship with a special someone.

Just like other fans (Britney Spears fans or Linkin’ Park fans), please be more realistic 😀


3 thoughts on “Music Review : KPop Idols and Their Delusional Fans

  1. Thank you, I talk about this time and time again. Delusional fans, also could be called illogical fans, can blow things out of proportional and let their delusional side interfere with them making logical decisions or saying logical things. Idols aren’t perfect, they do make mistakes, and people have to learn to accept and move on. Living in the past or dwelling on past things does nothing.

    • You’re welcome 😀
      I’m glad to see some of Kpop fans who have the same thoughts with me.
      I’m happy to see loyal fans, but it’s not good when some fans started to adore their idols like a God.
      And poor the idols. They don’t have privacy…

  2. These are my own opinions.
    I agree with your blog except about the Block B controversy. The controversy was mistranslated and those mistranslations were leaked on the net, netizens decided to post these on other sites and use the mistranslated material. Than sites like allkpop and that decided to use those mistranslations and make a story out of it which in turn made more people see the mistranslated material. Nichkhun mocked the Japanese floods and then was forced to apologize. He was being a hypocritical bastard by blowing up Block B’s mistake when he should know more than anybody about making gigantic public mistake. And then the next controversy was Nichkhun’s drunk driving accident. I think Block B has learned from their mistakes but obviously Nichkhun hasn’t. That is all I would like to say on that subject.

    I also feel sorry for the idols, they don’t have privacy and their fans can be quite terrifying when provoked.

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