Tomcat Phenomenon in Indonesia ; Paederus sp.

Hello readers, I’m back with my new review about Paederus sp. This beetle has made a big phenomenon in Indonesia especially in Surabaya City as Tomcat. Why? Because those insects have poisoned some people in an apartment. Those people suffered from dermatitis because of them. In 2005, an outbreak in Malaysia has reported.

That’s a beetle called Rove Beetle (Coleoptera; Staphylinidae). Paederus sp. has known by its poison. A potent vesicant contained in their haemolymph which can produce a skin irritation called dermatitis. This beetle can be distinguished from its short elytra (a hardened forewing of insects) from other Coleoptera beetles. It has a black caput, both of thorax and abdomen have an orange color.

Originally, this beetle is a biological control for some pests, but it can be dangerous for human who has contacted directly with this beetle. If you check inside Google with keyword “Paederus outbreak”, you can find many articles or journals which explain about it. And most of them happened inside building. An expert said that this beetle is nocturnal insect and attracted by the light so that it came to the apartment.

What you have to do when this beetle stands on your skin?

Don’t you dare to touch it, better you blow it away from your skin. Because it can secrete its poison when this beetle feels a danger situation.

Paederus sp.


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