I Found My Passion : Verti-Culture and Gardening

Yesterday, I watched Korean drama “Love Rain” and I love the set place of this drama. YoonA as Ha Na who’s a gardener and works at resort’s garden rises up my old possession as a gardener. Yeah, since few years ago, I wanna be gardener and study about it but I ended up study about Agriculture. But that’s related, right? And now, I looked  for an extension study about tropical garden. I found an extension program for gardening at College of Tropical Agriculture and Human Resources in University of Hawaii. But, how to get there, guys? I don’t have much money 😦

Then I looked for a garden center in my city, but I can’t found it, damn!

If I can found it, I wanna work and study in that garden, without payment, it’s fine because I really really want to study about it.

I love to see a beautiful landscape and I love to see the flowers which are blooming and make some beautiful color. How refreshing 🙂 Then I attended a seminar, agriculture seminar, they discussed about verti-culture planting (Verti-culture planting system is a system of planting in the pot arranged/assembled horizontal and vertical or stratified. This is the way to overcome the problem where the planting area is limited. The kind of plants that could be plant in here are vegetables and flowers) actually, it made me interested to do verticulture in my own house.

Then I started to study by myself by surfing on internet what kind of plants that grow up in tropical climate and how to make a landscape of a garden. But, I found myself interested to mediterranean garden’s style. You know, I’m living in a tropical country especially in a city, so it would be great if I can do verti-culture and cultivate my own vegetables. But most of vegetable plants are good to cultivate in the highland with lower temperature, such as Cabbage, the higher temperature will reduce its crop size. For a garden landscape, I can visit www. houzz.com, there are many idea to design your garden, kitchen, even your whole house 🙂



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