Places I Wanna Go ; Part 4

So, this is my 4th review about awesome places with awesome scenery.

4 months ago, I lived at a village, in the slopes between Merbabu and Merapi Mountains, Magelang, Central Java, Indonesia. It called Wonolelo village. I lived at that village for 1 and a half month for my college task.

At Wonolelo, in the morning, you can see a beautiful scenery of Merbabu and Merapi Mountains. You can see the peak of both mountains clearly. You rarely can see those peak above 10 a.m because those might be covered by clouds. The people mostly work as farmer. They’re horticulture’s farmer.  You’re not only pampered by the mountain’s view but also the fields. Very beautiful!

Merapi Mountain

Mount Merapi

Horticulture Fields

the meadow covered by mist

the meadow covered by mist

Picture credits : Hayato Tsuzuki and Harimurti Buntaran


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